Apple And McLaren

mclaren12c50anniversary-0 September 21, 2016  by Douglas Black

It has been widely reported today that Apple is in talks to acquire McLaren.  If this pans out, the F1 and luxury sports car brand could get a big boost.

According to the Financial Times, this acquisition could cost between $1.3 billion and $2 billion.

It has been no secret that Apple has had its eyes on the auto biz for some time.  going so far as a $1 billion investment in the automotive giant Didi Chuxeng, and rumors of an Apple venture into the autonomous vehicle foray.   Picking up McLaren could be a way to hire many engineers who know how to make cars, engines, chassis and more.

Imagine using your iPhone to send your car for groceries and to pick up the kids at school.

Time will tell how this shakes out.


DouglasBlack at CAS2015 1 Douglas Black has been blogging energy efficiency in the built and mobile environments since launching in 1999.


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