McLaren At 50


by Douglas Black, May 24, 2013, enerficiency On The Road

Like the Rolling Stones, diet cola TaB, and Bristol Motor Speedway, the iconic McLaren garage celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year.  And what better way to do so than by launching a couple of bespoke special editions.

Building upon the already top shelf 12C, the McLaren 12C Spider and 50 12C are available as part of a special one hundred car run.

McLaren’s Special Operations (MSO) design team went about implementing a number of technical and aesthetic upgrades to this pair of powerful performers.

Under the guidance of McLaren Design Director, Frank Stephenson, and MSO, the division responsible for bespoke projects, the special edition improvements not only include performance upgrades but also some tantalizing eye candy signatures.


mclaren12c50anniversary-4Fitted out with a carbon ceramic brake upgrade, the McLaren 50 12C comes equipped with 394 x 36mm discs up front, rear end receiving discs in a 380 x 34mm configuration.

Surrounding the carbon ceramic brakes and holding the rubber in place is another upgrade in the form of satin black ultra-lightweight wheels.

These high performance rims, set at 19 inches forward and 20 inches rearward, not only save 4.4 lbs of unsprung weight but also assist in managing the 12C’s 625 horsepower, according to the designers.


Reminiscent of Henry Ford offering “any color you want, as long as it’s black”, choice of color is limited to Super Nova Silver, Carbon Black, and of course the signature McLaren Orange.

A McLaren F1 heritage badge affixed to the hood ensures no one gets confused and 50th Anniversary reminders located on the carbon fiber door sills, floor mats and driver’s door.

To build upon your ‘check me out, neighbor’ puffing, a monogrammed black and silver car cover is on hand so one can cover up their special edition 12C when inclement weather threatens.

Of course the limited edition experience is further reinforced by a limited edition key, a carbon fiber presentation key box, and a specially commissioned print signed by McLaren Design Director Frank Stephenson.

The official McLaren 50th Anniversary Events take place this September.

image and content source;  McLaren


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Douglas Black

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