The New Jag – A True Sportscar Again?

Jaguar F Type intro by Douglas Black, February 9, 2013  enerficiency On The Road.

Jaguar may be back.  My friend Jim is skeptical as always, but he wasn’t there at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show kickoff breakfast with me, where Jaguar LandRover President NA Andy Goss was  keynote speaker.  And the soon to be iconic Jaguar F Type was unveiled.

The F Type follows a tradition of Jags that has seen some rocky times.  Sold off to Ford some years ago, the once prestigious British Brand was losing credibility fast.

Forward to 2008 when multinational TaTa purchases the Jaguar and LandRover brands from a Ford who itself was in serious trouble.

Jaguar F type
Jaguar F type

“Who the heck is TaTa?”says my friend Jim.

It turns out TaTa is one of the largest corporations on the planet with interests in manufacturing, mining, intermodal fleets, and on and on.  TaTa, led by CEO Chandrasekaran, has vision and deep pockets.

N Chandrasekaran, MD and CEO of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), believes the company he helms has to stay “rigorous, smart and sincere” to sustain its position as a world leader.

Bajaj TaTa - one of the products the company is behind
Bajaj TaTa – one of the products the company is behind

The vision for the Jaguar brand, explained President Andy Goss at the breakfast meeting, is nothing short of putting the Jaguar nameplate back on top of the luxury sportscar market.  And this redesigned F Type is the “most important new car Jaguar has offered in decades” proclaims Goss.

LandRover has new Flagship Range Rover
LandRover has new Flagship Range Rove

The former head of Porsche in Britain, Goss says that this Jaguar “is the real deal”, a true sportscar again.  And really really fun to drive.

I asked Andy what makes a car ‘fun 2 drive? How do you design fun into the car?

“Quick response.  The car grips the road when you push its limits” says Andy.

That sounds like fun to me.


Douglas Black
Douglas Black

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green technologies analyst out of Chicago,

and is currently Managing Producer for

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