You Got Your Supercars…Then You Got Your Supercars.

by Douglas Black, enerficiency On The Road, February 8, 2013

CAS_2013_500The 2013 Chicago Auto Show ( #CAS2013 ) officially kicks off tonight with the ever popular black tie event – First Look For Charity.

Glamorous women and James Bond-esque dudes will sip bubbly and martinis while strolling the isles of shiny new models, and some real life 007 stylings.

An exclusive fenced off area will be open to the hoi-poloi where gloved fingertips can explore the lines of the Lambo’s, Bentley’s and Karma’s

Lambos, Bentleys, Ferr'ai, Hoo-Ray!
Lambos, Bentleys, Ferr’ai, Hoo-Ray!
1192 combined hpMcLaren, AstinMartin, FikerKarma
1192 combined hp
McLaren, AstinMartin, FikerKarma

But there was another, less ostentatious presentation, on the other side of then building.

A presentation of truly heroic proportions.

The Kia DC Comic Superman package will turns heads, guaranteed.   the new Superman decked Optima Hybrid (yes, a Hybrid no less!) joins other Justice League inspired machines in DC Comics We Can Be Heroes  campaign to fight hunger in Africa.

The “Heroes” relief effort aims “to bring help and hope to people affected by drought and famine in the Horn of Africa,” which includes Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia, according to Kia Motors.

Check out Supermans car…

Superman Kia
Superman Kia
DC Comics KIA
DC Comics KIA
Super Hood
Super Hood
Superman Kia Optima Hybrid
Superman Kia Optima Hybrid
I'm wearin' the jumpsuit, baby!
I’m wearin’ the jumpsuit, baby!


Douglas Black
Douglas Black

About Douglas Black

Douglas Black is a photojournalist and

green technologies analyst out of Chicago,

and is currently Managing Producer for

ENERSPEC/enerficiency and Hot Flying Rats!

Earlier Douglas promoted greentech in Detroit as

Senior Marketing Strategist and Architect.

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