Fav 5 (pre)Super Bowl Ads. Magic Eight Ball

These could change during gametime!

by Douglas Black, ENERSPEC, Sports Stats, February 2, 2013

There seems to be a couple of underlying themes to the Big Game Television spots this year.  First you’ve got “happiness”.  Now I don’t mean laughter cause of sarcasm or talking frogs or fart jokes.  Just Partridge Family-group hug happy.  Uuummm. OK.

And then there’s old people.  Now I get that one.  The demographic is getting older, naturally.

The SuperBowl attracts more worldwide viewers than anything else for the past 40something years, period.  Of course a larger and larger percent are repeat viewers, getting on in years themselves, but still damn excited about football.

My top three…

TacoBell Live mas'

So, unlike last year’s Clint Eastwood lecture from an alley (the precursor to the empty chair – what? thing), this year we have the Old Guy in a Skooter motorized chair vandalizing the ball field with burnouts and donuts; the old folks Boogie Chillin’ with the Detroit Iron Muscle Car (I think it’s a RoadRunner?); and the(always) very cool Willem Defoe as Satan doing his deal makin’ with Mick and the Rollin’ Uglies’  “Sympathy For The Devil” playing in the background.

Honorable mentions all involve forbidden kisses – Hmmm?!?  … all the FIAT spots (really good), the kid with Dad’s Audi steeling a kiss from Prom Queen (we all wanted THAT to happen), and the Geek with the Supermodel…   Just ‘cause that actor had a great day at work – 65 takes? ? Awesome!


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