Cars Rock! But Rock Rocks, Too! 4 Shows I Liked

Die Antw


by Douglas Black, December 21, 2012 (End of the World Day)

I have seen a lot of good shows over the last 40 years, and I like to create a best-of list every year.  Well this year I moved from Detroit to Chicago, and can say that the music is still the heartbeat of the city I live in.  Here are four shows I truly loved.

Best of Chicago 2012 – The 4 Best Things I Got To See This Year

Die Antwoord   Just because I had never heard of this terrible twosome before means nothing.  I was set up at my spot, outside the North Gate at Lallapalooza, looking for my teenage daughter in a tribal way, when this total stranger sat down and said “You heard of these guys?”  Who he was is irrelevant.  Who they were? Well, Die Antwoord, and it was the most unique “Aussie band meets Kurt Weil meets Run DMC” I ever heard.  Then later I saw a video.  Love these two. Love them.



Black Sabbath.  Also at Lallapalooza.  Very, Very very rare get together that went smoothly.  Never thought I would see it happen.  This Detroit kid who loved everything Sabbath in the 70s, and saw Ozzy with Randy at Pine Knob (if you know, you know),  never thought I would see Ozzy and Tony doing “Ferries Wear Boots”.  Holy shit.


Dead Can Dance.  This group was totally underated in the 90s and 00s.  Lisa Gerards voice makes you want to shiver, yelp, and wail in ecstasy all at once.  It is beautiful perfection.  This was at the Pitz Pav and the only complaint is that they never played Cantara, one of my top ten all time favorite songs.


IGGY AND THE STOOGES.  This is the third time I have seen Iggy in concert.  Now I will admit I am biased because I have always liked this raw, trashcan style of unsophisticated music.  Most people call it punk, but the Stooges came before punk, before the Ramones, and in fact were playing (and making shit up) along side Alice Cooper at The Whiskey in LA when the Doors were still on the fuckin’ beach.  The first time I saw Iggy was a bad experience (for him).  He was to open the show for Stones and Santana, after a day long wait outdoors in January – for general admission, idiot stampede, drunken stupor.  He was trying his “Tumble And Twirl”, a song he wrote and David Bowie put on that one album, great song, bad audience.  (Not as bad as when I saw Steve Marriot hit in the face with a beer can in Detroit, but I digress).   So let’s just say it went badly for Iggy.  (Santana was better that Keith that night, though!).  Second time was in Detroit just a few years ago when Stooges agreed to get back together.  Pretty good show for old guys over the hill.  THEN this summer at Humbolt Park happened.  I wanted to go, but had to work and had no cash.  No problem.  After work I got on the bus, walked toward North Gate.  Found a wristband on the ground.  Held onto it and walked right in.   Stooges were awesome.  Played “5 foot One”, Wanna Be Your Dog”, and “Passenger”.  And they did not sound like old guys –  These Guys Rocked!


Douglas Black
Douglas Black


Mr. Black is a high performance car enthusiast, always with an ear to the pavement for what’s fast and new.  He began blogging enerficiency On The Road in 2001, and now continues reporting from Auto Shows and Swap Meets at his Hot Flying Rats! blog –

He also uses his MagicEightBall to predict sporting outcomes and shares on his blog

Photography is a lifelong passion for Douglas Black, and while not capturing enthusiastic smiles at Wrigley Field and other sports venues around Chicago, he captures moments in the built environment.

And in his spare time, he works on getting that Captains License, expecting to retire on the water one day, taking photos.





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