by Douglas Black, November 3, 2012

My buddy Wayne likes to run his quad all over the woods.  I like to jet ski.  Now we can tow one vehicle to do both.  Life is good.  From my buddies at InsideHook comes a report on the GIBBS Quadski….

In theory, a hybrid invention should be equal to or greater than its parts, but in reality, we get the toaster oven. The Prius. Sharktopus.

What, you’ve never heard of Sharktopus? Well hear of this: theGIBBS Quadski, a futuristic fusing of jet-ski and all-terrain vehicle, finally available for purchase right now.



Developed over 15 years (hey, the future takes time), the Quadski is the world’s first high-speed amphibious vehicle, capable of reaching 45 MPH on both land and sea … or four times the normal rate of any commercial land/sea hybrid.

The unit’s 175 HP BMW Motorrad engine and six-speed transmission let you dig off roads and zip the lakeshore, and the Transformer-like shift between the two is damn near Bond-ian: with the press of one button, the Quad’s wheels can retract or deploy, in just five seconds.

The Quadski’s available this month at Gibbs dealers nationwide, though they’re not technically “street legal,” and you’ll be restricted to off-road adventures.

But where else are you going to meet Sharktopus?


Douglas Black


Mr. Black is a high performance car enthusiast, always with an ear to the pavement for what’s fast and new.  He began blogging enerficiency On The Road in 2001, and now continues reporting from Auto Shows and Swap Meets at his Hot Flying Rats! blog – flyingratz.wordpress.com

He also uses his MagicEightBall to predict sporting outcomes and shares on his blog M8B4Cast.wix.com/sportsblog.

Photography is a lifelong passion for Douglas Black, and while not capturing enthusiastic smiles at Wrigley Field and other sports venues around Chicago, he captures moments in the built environment.

And in his spare time, he works on getting that Captains License, expecting to retire on the water one day, taking photos.



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